A Fresh Start

My first posts will be with regard to my trip to
Haiti (1/9 through 1/18) and my experience of the
earthquake on January 12, 2010 there. I will share
photos and stories that I hope will bring you to a
point of desiring to act towards helping others and
setting time aside to pray for people who have
so little right now and are in need of so much.

Haiti 1/10/10


  1. Hey Brett,
    I'm not sure if you exactly rememeber me, I met you through Dani. I just wanted to say wow, these pics are great! I may contact you in the near future for a project that I will be doing for a class that I am currently taking that will indeed focus on Haiti. I am currently in the D.C. area as well since I am attending school at Gallaudet University. Overall, great job!!

  2. Hey Jessica!
    I most surely do remember you and talking with you in the Wesley House dining room! That's awesome that you are at Gallaudet! I have a friend that did her masters program there - I think she just recently graduated. And yes, I would love to help with a project if you need! Let me know and hope you are doing well!

  3. Oh awesome!!!
    Actually, for the Haiti project, the group that I am working for is the Gallaudet connections with Haiti like students from Haiti or other unique connections that the school may have.. so when this whole thing gets started, I will be definitely emailing you about that soon.. just have to gather some ideas first :)