Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Grand Opening Celebration SATURDAY! JDCH Hollywood, FL

So I was able to spend a few hours over at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital on Saturday - a little while of that time getting my "VIP" tour from my lovely wife. The hospital is nothing short of amazing! But I guess $140 million of anything should be! Regardless of constructions costs, this hospital will do what it is designed to do: Make children feel comfortable for any and all medical procedures, from life-changing surgeries to simple tests. I think from the moment you walk in, you feel strangely "at home." As I put it to my wife, I think the rooms have so many distractions and colors that you forget about all the tubes and wires and things connected to the bed and walls (and eventually patients).

The waiting rooms are situated on the side of the building in cylindrical rooms with sweeping views of the property outside. I can imagine that going to the hospital for tests on your child is not something any parent enjoys, however I think this hospital has done a great job of making it an all around better experience for both child and family. Among others, I know the employees are excited to be in the new hospital! One child on the tour told my wife to break his arm so that he could stay overnight! What he didn't know is the hospital is not open and if he broke his arm, he would have to take a trip to the "old" hospital where the ER will remain.

Remember, with giving away free food...comes LONGGGGG LINES!!!!! This is a photo from the 3rd floor looking out on the line. Luckily, when I went a couple hours later it wasn't as bad, but I still had to wait about an hour I think. But, the food was still free.
View from the 3rd Floor to the parking lot

Here are some of my favorite photos of inside the hospital...

CT scan (CAT scan) - designed as a pirate ship!

Nuclear Medicine machine - jungle themed! So fun - waterfall needs a bit of redesign!

One of the holding rooms

This is a physician-bot (robot). Can't say I fully understand
why this is needed, but it sure does look expensive!

Hotel Room...I mean hospital room! Sorry, my mistake!

They are going for the "hotel feel" - with folded towels, info folders, and room service!
3rd floor is the Orange Floor
Not your average hospital room, right?!
I saw the custom shower curtain and couldn't resist - I mean clearly that is a needed feature in the bathroom! Also
from that keyboard you can access the features on the flat-panel screen the bed faces. Custom room-service is
included...meaning anything you want anytime you want it - I can imagine that is going to be awesome for patients
and a complete nightmare for the kitchen staff!! That same TV also has internet access, TV of course, on-demand
movies and games, hospital services, and more!

One of the many tours going through!

Some of the outdoor activities seen from my bird's eye view...

 Check the guy on the right - not only is he 20+ years older, but
he is mid-break on those little boards!

Hope you enjoyed! 

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