About Brett

I'm a happily married New Yorker who has been displaced in MA, CA, DC (well VA actually), and now Hollywood, FL and has a passion for Haiti. Living for God in my work and passions. 

My photography history:
I have been a photography fan since I was very young - I asked for a camera for my birthday or Christmas present until I got one. Of course, that was a simple film camera, but I was thrilled! Over time I got more into photography and learned a lot more as I went. I had a point-and-shoot 4.0 megapixel camera before upgrading to my Canon DSLR Rebel XTi, and then recently upgraded to a Canon 7D. I started with the standard 18-55mm f5.6 lens, purchased a 75-300mm f5.6 lens, and then a while later purchased a 50mm f1.4. I recently upgraded to an external flash - a 430ex II and also have a bounce flash diffuser for it.

I took a film photography class while I was out in California at Cuesta College, a community college in San Luis Obispo, CA. The class and amazing professor taught me so much about photography and made me that much more thankful for digital photography. Learning all about film, how to develop, and actually being able to develop all of my photos gave me a great respect for photography and photographers of the past.

Photography excites me, energizes me, and I love it.