Fun with Photos...and video?! And a business card?!

Since there was a quick rainstorm just a few minutes ago I decided to take a few photos. I also wanted to try a little time-lapse-style video with some of the photos. So here it is! Nothing special, I will probably try again and use more photos which will make it a little better - oh and also do it horizontally of course so it's not a pain to watch. I have never posted a video on my blog, since this is a photography blog, so don't be too disappointed!

I also played around with the idea of a business card - for my photography of course. So I will show you what I came up with! I would absolutely love to upgrade my camera to a Canon 7D, but until I either have a good job or make money off of my photography, that will not be happening! I was reading a blog the other day that recommended upgrading photo equipment every year if you work professionally...but I don't so here we are going into my 5th year! In the meantime I will enjoy my Rebel XTi, and though it has passed its 4th birthday, it is still doing well! The photos in the video above were with my favorite and best lens, 50mm f/1.4 - which has also done me wonders with portraits. Anyways, the business card....


The real reverse has my phone number on it so
might as well keep that to myself! But here
is a version without my phone number!

I printed a few out just for fun. The cardstock I used is not quite as thick as a business card normally is and it is slightly gray in color, but I added a little tab just to see what it looked like...any thoughts? Part of me thought it looked good, then I put it down and thought it looked random and out of place. So I don't know - obviously it would be a lot of work to put it on every one, but I tried just for fun! Here are photos of the front and back I took...

Don't mind the colors, they look a little different in person than on the screen and there was no need to edit them to look like they should! I guess I could figure out some kind of logo to put on that little tab - then it would probably look cool. Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated! Otherwise, I am hoping to get a great photo of lightning sometime soon. Florida has so many thunderstorms, which is great for people who like thunder and lightning and rain (like Christina and I). If it weren't for all the mosquitoes, we would probably be on our balcony every time there is a thunderstorm. But there have been some great *potential* lightning photos, but no successful ones as of yet. I'll keep you updated!


  1. Oh, let's get some comments on here as far as suggestions go! Thanks!

  2. Haha, I was gonna comment regardless :P

    That time-lapse video is awesome. It has all the potential to be the first few seconds of a couple minute long video. It'd be really neat to see something like that after a few months or after a year.

    Also, if your camera supports it, try taking a few dozen shots in rapid succession over a couple seconds during a storm to increase your chances for a good lightning shot. In 100 photos you might get a gem, but it'll be worth it.

  3. Thanks for the comment and compliment and suggestion, John!

    Haha I told Christina about this time when I was probably about 10 years old visiting my relatives in Washington state and I had an old-school film camera from the mid-90's and I managed to get lucky and got a great shot of a lightning bolt off in the distance. There was no zoom on that camera, but you could definitely see the lightning clearly! I was super proud...okay maybe I still am.

    But as for the suggestion, I actually thought of that today when I was doing these photos! I will probably experiment a lot more with these types of shots and videos made afterwards...I like em.

    I'll be sure to let you know WHEN I get that shot of lightning!