Part 2: Cap-Haitien Airport, Turks and Caicos, Ft. Pierce (FL)

Cool to see supplies coming in

Our ride.

You may find this surprising, but I was more comfortable on this flight than any commercial flight I had been on. The seats reclined further, more legroom, the door to the cockpit was open and we could go say hello to the pilots, we were quite free to move about the cabin, and we even had snacks. Could the ride the previous day on the truck and the fact that we'd been traveling in minimal comfort for the previous 3 days have added into the feeling that I was so comfortable? Well, I'm sure it did.

When we arrived in Turks and Caicos, the local community brought snacks, sandwiches, and drinks because they knew aid-workers were filtering in and out of the airport and airport lounge. They encouraged us to eat and we were very grateful! What a blessing.

Landing in Fort Pierce was great, but I missed Haiti by then. I was glad to be back but would have been just as glad to be back in Haiti again. This is where my photo-blog for this journey will end...but I did go back!

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  1. Since this post seems to bring a couple visitors per day even though I posted over a year ago, if you have any questions about the Cap Haitien airport or Cap Haitien please feel free to ask!

    Obviously I would love to answer any questions about Haiti as well and will answer to the best of my ability.

    Thanks for visiting!