Anse à Galets to Montrouis to Cap-Haitien

The journey home started around 7am Sunday morning on January 17. As we prepared to leave Anse à Galets, Haiti, we heard sounds of singing voices coming from the churches nearby. It is an amazingly beautiful thing to wake up to in the morning. We had to say goodbye to our new friends, and when I said goodbye to Moise, he said "no goodbye" with a sad face on. It was hard to leave him, the Alexander's, Irvine's and the other Wesleyan missionaries that had been so welcoming. This is the very same feeling I felt with regard to leaving Haiti altogether. A people that had been some welcoming, warm, and kind, and a people that needed so much help made it a very difficult place to leave.

The boat-ride from Anse à Galets to Montrouis was somewhere around 2 hours and the truck ride from Montrouis to Cap-Haitien was over 8 hours. A long journey. Having several Haitians catching a ride to a couple places along the way, one pit stop along the way, some beautiful views from the mountains, a little rain, breathing fumes and dust, and some more exciting driving made for an interesting trip to say the least.

Anse à Galets, Haiti

Anse à Galets, Haiti

The truck.
30 people.
Diesel fumes.
8+ hour journey.
Just as much fun as it sounds!
But a blessing to be on the journey home.

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