March 13: Port Au Prince to Petit-Goave Part 2

I really enjoyed seeing the church service packed out - and flowing into the street a little. It is cool to see the spiritual renewal that was caused by the earthquake. I spoke with a Christian missionary while I was down in Haiti on this trip and he said he was a little hesitant at first, thinking that this was just a natural human reaction to a catastrophic event. However, after a month or so he realized that God was doing something pretty incredible through the earthquake. People were genuinely seeking after God and confiding in him. What a cool thing to learn about.

It was interesting seeing people living and working on the street right outside of the Presidential Palace, even more interesting was seeing the structural state of the palace itself. As you can see in the pictures, it sustained substantial damage and has not been excavated at all. However, the beautiful, lush, green grass in front of the palace looks as fresh as ever. Keep in mind people are living on concrete right outside of the gates of the palace. Makes you wonder if anyone thought of letting people live on that beautiful grass...

On this ride, we also saw people setting up their "homes" in the middle of the street. So put yourself in their place: Your house is completely destroyed and you set up your living space using whatever you can find in the middle of a highway median on the grass or pavement. You put destroyed tires or boxes in front of your house so cars driving by don't hit you or your children as you walk next to your house. How does that sound?

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