March 16, 2010: Petit-Goâve, Haiti

Well Tuesday was filled with a lot of work in the morning, just like Monday was. We cleared another 3 houses that had collapsed from the earth quake just over 2 months before. It's a hard thought to realize that even after 2 months, families had not cleaned out their houses.

The afternoon was another vacation bible school time. VBS seems to be more and more fun each time. I think it's because the kids get more and more comfortable with us so they enjoy interacting with us more, acting out the stories after we act them out, and listening to instructions of course!

Some great photos of the kids and others...

Boys will be boys.

I was standing up on the roots of an elevated tree

My little buddy with Dan

My little Erika!

Sisters Erika and Eileen

They love the modeling pose.

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