Favorites from the Last Two Months! Post 2

So I got engaged!
My plan was to ask Christina to marry me - so I did! I took her out to California to meet friends and family friends and had a few potential spots to ask her, but decided on the best one (of course). However, this involved driving two and a half hours up Highway 1 - which if you have never heard of the PCH, you would think it sounds like a chore. But trust me, it is the most beautiful drive I have ever driven in my life (yes, I'm young, but still - you get the point). I told her that we NEEDED to go do this "hike" because it's amazing and so cool and worth it. She went along with it, wondering why we had to drive 2 1/2 hours for a hike. And just so you know, this "hike" was about a 1/4 mile on a completely flat path. Yeah, it was tough. We were pretty winded by the time we got to the end. But I made her look straight forward the entire time, so that she didn't see the beautiful waterfall to her left. Now...let the photos tell the rest of the story!

This is the restaurant we ate at on the way - Ragged Point, CA

Julia Pfeifer Burns State Park is now "our spot"

This is the place I told Christina "We have to go!" to.
I think it is amazing!

She didn't even know what was coming next!
There were too many people around this spot,
so I quickly said "Hey, let's go explore over there"

From a distance...

Our find while exploring...

Felt like a cool tree fort once we stepped inside

Just a few minutes before!

It worked! She said yes!

Sharing the news with her family once we got back to an area with
service! I also made Christina tell the story on video - which be fun
to watch later in life :o)

So there it is! My photo journey of getting engaged. She is great by the way - can't really tell from pictures how cool she is! I still have another post or 2 from June/July to catch up on - so I hope you come back and visit to check those out.
Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Brett, you are a genious.

    This place also reminded me of Atami in El Salvador. Check it out.