Weekend Wedding: Palm City, Florida

This past weekend I went up to and stayed on Hutchinson Island (Fort Pierce Vero Beach Palm City area) for my cousins wedding. My cousin and his wife live in Illinois, but his parents live in Palm City now - and work as the pastor and pastor's wife at a Presbyterian Church there. Anyways, that is where they got married and why they chose Florida - not just for the warm weather! Though that would also make sense, it is slowly getting warmer and warmer and more and more humid. So I can imagine that summer weddings are not quite as popular as in my native Northeastern culture in New York and the surrounding areas. It was a little rainy for their special day, but since it was an indoor wedding, it didn't put too much of a damper on things. I hadn't seen my cousin for years, so it was fun to catch up with him and also to see Angie again - I had met her probably once before.

As always, it was great to see family and this was the first wedding that my fiance and I were able to attend together as an engaged couple and will also be the last one since we are getting married in just ONE short month! How exciting!

Here are some photos from the wedding - I will post at least one more time with reception photos and the like....

They had the flower girl pulling a wagon with two babies
in it - they were very cute and managed to stay happy the whole time!
He caught me taking a photo!


Top Left: Beautiful bride, Angie, walking down the aisle with her father
Top Right: Reverend Anderson during the service
Bottom Left: My Aunt Robin being ushered to her seat (mother of the groom)
Bottom Right: Officially husband and wife!

So the order is more how I liked it and
not chronological! But the photo
above is during their vows...

They chose to have rose pedals thrown as they made their way to their car - after talking with Christina, we definitely both like the rose pedal idea but will probably go with something like bubbles if we have something at all. It's a little different since we don't have to drive anywhere for our reception! Side note on what to throw at the bride and groom as they exit...bird seed, rice, and any other small projectile seems like such a terrible idea when there is a bride involved. It is easy for the groom (usually) to get something out of his hair or brushed off his tuxedo or suit, but for a bride it proves much more difficult. Maybe some people just really want to feed birds? And yes, I am aware that rice is "so out" since it can injure birds.

It is much more fun to go to a wedding when you have your own wedding coming up. It helps you appreciate all the work even more, and also helps with the final ideas and thoughts about your own wedding. And it's always fun to see people get married!

I will be working on the next post, so stay tuned for some more photos!

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