Lauren's College Graduation Portraits

Well, I know that a little time has gone by, but I wanted to share these photos I took of my sister the day of her graduation - towards the evening. I pretty much made her do it, but hopefully she enjoys some of the shots at least. I'm sure I'll be able to tell if one of them becomes her Facebook profile photo. Anyways, they were all taken in her neighborhood (well, old neighborhood now) and Wingaersheek Beach, in Gloucester, MA - near Rockport, Beverly, Wenham, etc. It was still a little chilly, especially on the beach!

 Though I think her face is a little dark, Lauren
preferred this one to the one where the sun is in 
her face!

And what would this collection be without a lovely finish?!

Congratulations to Lauren on graduating! If anyone has favorites, please share!

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