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Since my sister-in-law had a funny post about marathon photos, it inspired me to do a quick search through the several marathons I have photographed for family and/or friends. I sifted through and found a few good ones (embarrassing ones) you know - the usual. And from a photographer's perspective, it is pretty difficult (especially towards the start) to catch your friend or family member, often times a marathon is just a sea of faces.

But to respond to a few of the questions posed like "Can you ever really have a good marathon photo?" -- I would say "Yes! But only when you know it's coming." Check out the last photo in this post - it is definitely helpful having a photographer in the family or a close friend because they can be recognizable and you can end up with a frameable photo for your home or office (like my dad is requesting for a Christmas gift this year). Enjoy these in the meantime:

I'll leave the caption up to you... 

 Can you tell who has run a few marathons? Dave (far left) is a sub-3 hour marathoner smiling away,
my sister (middle-left), my dad (middle-right) making a great straining face towards the finish, and
Dom (far right) seems to be concerned with someone on the sidelines.

 Just an all around good shot - dribbling water, great facial
expression, extra water dribble on her thigh, nice tattoo on
her abdomen...and more I'm sure!

My dad and sister near the finish line (left) - I love the guy right next to
my dad (in blue) - funny expression and so exhausted!

 My sister making a face - one that exclaims "How are
you there AGAIN" - since I caught them twice on
this bridge alone!

Thanks Lauren for sharing your funny photos! It was fun seeing yours and searching through mine to find some best of's! Here is a posed shot - where it is so helpful knowing a photo is coming!!


  1. It was neat to read a photographer's perspective on race photos. Great pictures! Love that "sea of faces" one at the beginning...

  2. Thanks Tia - it has been fun to photograph marathons. I can't say I have run one, but it sure is a workout!