March 19, 2010: Petit-Goâve, Haiti and Pèsin, Haiti Part 3

Sometimes I can't get over how beautiful and amazing these kids really are. I know photos help tell a story, but if you could just meet these kids...

If I had a Haitian son...this would be him:
Mikelme Tekodi. He won a special place in my life the first time I went down to Haiti this past January. He chose me. Out of the crowd of people, he latched on to me and found me everytime - hanging on to my hand, arm, finger, pocket, shirt, or whatever he could grab. A very loyal little friend with a little bit of jealousy mixed in - when another little boy or girl would try to hold my hand, he became a bit defensive. So there is room for growth! But I love him and miss him dearly.

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