March 19, 2010: Petit-Goâve, Haiti and Pèsin, Haiti Part 4

This will be my last post for my Haiti trips and accompanying photos, that is until I take another trip! Which I will do. I hope you have enjoyed them all and that they have helped you make a connection to a people and place quite far from us, yet personally so close to my heart.

These pictures are from the second half of March 19th, on our trip into Port Au Prince. I posted pictures from the first day, which helped paint a picture of the damage. For those who got a chance to look at my earlier posts from my first trip, I had photos from Petit-Goâve and the damage to that city. It was getting dark out so I had to take the shots at a higher ISO (most are either 800 or 1600) - so I apologize for them being a bit grainy, I don't really like photos being grainy! If you didn't even notice, well that's okay too.

Keep praying for Haiti. For Port-Au-Prince, Petit-Goâve, and the small town of Pèsin...

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