Been a while?

WOW! Here I am almost a month after my last post and I am writing in a Panera because I don't have internet in my temporary housing - unless I sit outside, the wind is blowing just right, and the relative humidity is 85%. Haha so I have not been able to update on Floridian life or post photos. But I am going to attempt to start taking some more photos and doing more posts now that I/we are somewhat settled down here!

I am still looking for a job - whether it be with a church, ministry, or organization in Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, or the surrounding areas or maybe even some photography work - know anyone in the area that wants some photos taken?! Who knows. Keep my search in prayer in the meantime. I have some applications floating around out there along with my resume to a couple contacts, so who knows what God will do with all that.

Will be posting some favorite photos from being in Florida so far...

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