Boca Raton to Hollywood and Back

So most of my time these past few weeks has been spent in Boca Raton and Hollywood, or driving back and forth.

I am going to list some of the things I am enjoying about Florida, with photos of course:

1. The wildlife - tons of birds, lizards, fish, frogs, rabbits, and plenty more. One night I was out for a walk on a golf course and it was a little freaky because of how many frogs were on the golf course. Felt like a visual representation of one of the plagues in the Old Testament! But I love seeing lizards all over the place. Christina said there was a lizard in the apartment last week - and she had to use her skills to convince it to leave, they are so fast!! But we also have a lizard that we named Cam - it reminded me of a chameleon because of the bright green color:

He also is in the process of growing back his tail. I caught some other photos of some lizards, but Cam is pretty chill and seems to like our patio as much as we do and doesn't run away when you are close by.

I think it realized that there was nothing to jump to - but I guess it was enjoying the view.

I also got some photos of a couple dragonflys the other day - they are extremely difficult to get a photo of while they are flying, so the ones I got were of when they weren't:

The list will continue in my next post!

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