Florida Favorites: My Favorite!

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Well if you didn't see this coming, then you must not know me very well - but my absolute favorite thing about Florida is starting life with this lovely lady below...

That's our kitchen/dining room table - we love it! It has been really fun to find furniture and fill our new home, and we are so excited to share the space together soon! We also started with this as our first couch...

...a folded up comforter with two pillows against the wall! Then we upgraded to this one and appreciated it that much more...


I'm excited to share my photography with you and parts of my life as well. I am hoping to find some cool places to take some photos down here in south Florida, so if anyone knows of any places in Boca Raton, Deerfield, Delray, Fort Lauderdale, Dania, Hollywood, Miami, etc...please feel free to share! I would love to photography favorite places you've been or things you've seen.

Check back often!


  1. Hey Brett

    My grandma lives in Miami and will be up this weekend for my graduation, I'll be sure to ask her for some fun ideas for photo locations in Miami. Glad to see you guys are doing well!

  2. Thanks Sarah that'd be sweet! Or if she knows where I can get a job haha. Hope you're doing great!!