Florida Favorites: Water

Post 3 of 4....
Living near the water is something Christina and I both see in our future - as much as we can make it happen that is. We love the beach, the ocean, waves crashing, and of course the pure beauty of water. I love how some of the simplest things in the world are the most beautiful. So to accompany that thought are some photos of water of course...

Fountain - Public Park in Fort Pierce

Intracoastal - view from
a Boca Raton bridge

Lots of sprinklers down here! Goes with
the water theme...right?!

Intracoastal view from public park in Fort Pierce 

View from an 8th floor apartment in
Fort Pierce - of the Atlantic Ocean of course

Post 4 comes tomorrow! Thanks for looking and hope you enjoyed! Any feedback is appreciated - whether it is about the layout of the page, photos, or anything else!

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