Weekend Wedding: Palm City, Florida - Part IV

The final day we had the family together, we wanted to take some photos so that they could be passed around the family. Weddings are a great opportunity to take family photos - I think the bride and groom should try to get the wedding photographer to do it, but second best is a family member that loves photography...me!

A few words of advice before I post the photos: When taking photos of family and not officially part of a photo shoot, people are going to expect things to move a little faster. I think when it is an "official" photo shoot with a hired photographer, people expect having to wait around and pose etc. But so long as you are confident and just tell people what to do, they will do it! It is hard to do a makeshift photo-shoot in a place you are just seeing for the first time and don't know if there are any good spots around the property to take photos and also the time is not chosen by you, but it is what it is.

Here are some of the highlights! I had some layout issues with Blogger - so they are boring old straight down...I tried to be different and failed. Enjoy regardless and thanks for looking!

Three sisters-to-be!

Hummel cousins

Christina and Lauren - soon to be sister-in-laws!

Darlene, Sharon, and Robin

My mom and my Aunt Sharon and Aunt Robin

 The three sisters!

Me with my beautiful bride-to-be

Hummel Families

Hummel Cousins round 2

Gordon College Graduation
255 Grapevine Rd
Wenham, MA 01984
May 20, 2011

Come back soon!

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