Senior Portraits - Erin - taken in Sea Cliff, NY Part I

Senior Portraits 
This is my cousin, Erin - she lives out in Washington state, but was in New York with her family for my brother's wedding and a nice vacation visit and asked if while we were both there I could take her senior portraits - to be used for her yearbook and to give out to friends and family and such.

I only was in New York from Thursday night to Sunday evening, so Erin was a little nervous we wouldn't be able to get her pictures done...but fear not, we did! We took the photos on Friday in Sea Cliff, NY - a nice, quaint, older Long Island town that is just 1 square mile. Lots of Victorian era homes and buildings. I love Sea Cliff and my camera does too. This charming village has SO many great photography spots to choose from and since this was my cousin, we chose any and all we had time for! She and the girls (my wife and sister) had to get their nails done afterwards so we had quite a bit of time, but not unlimited. 

I loved how a lot of the photos came out, but in the end had to choose some favorites. There are ones that are more "Senior-photo-y" and then ones that look more like magazine shots. As you are about to find out, Erin is quite photogenic! Most of the magazine shots are not in this post and I actually haven't edited them yet. As always, I am a "light" editor, meaning I don't use photoshop and put crazy effects and made-up sunlight or anything like that. Just some minor tweaks using Digital Photo Professional by Canon. However, I am looking forward to upgrading to Adobe Lightroom.


Stay tuned for a few more "best of's" from Erin's photo shoot!


  1. Oh and if you want to see them a little bigger, CLICK TO ENLARGE!!

  2. These pictures are beautiful! They all look so natural.

  3. Thanks! She's a natural!