Thursday Means New York Bound! Long Island Technically...

 We are heading to NY today - Long Island that is. Usually when I say New York people either assume the city (New York City of course) or upstate. Well, we are going to Long Island! My brother is getting married on Saturday - so you can expect a few things:

1. Senior Portraits of my cousin Erin
2. Photos from the Rehearsal dinner on Friday
3. Some photos from the wedding, but it will be tough since I am IN the wedding
4. Some photos of my family!

So you can all be so excited for a few posts next week full of photographic fun. In the meantime, have a wonderful Thursday and Friday and weekend!

Here are a few photos of my house (an old Victorian built around 1900):

 House (Left) and Garage (Right)
 Accent door (left) and the awesome front porch (right)

 My brother's golden retriever, Bodie!

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