A Friendly Visit from a Californian Friend

This post is a little bit overdue, but I wanted to post regardless! My friend Jonathan visited Christina and I here in Florida a couple weeks ago with his brother. I met Jonathan when I moved out to California for a semester of school during college and he was one of my MANY roommates. Jonathan and his brother were on a nationwide road trip and they stopped in Orlando overnight before coming down to us in the Miami area. It was a fun, quick visit and I got to enjoy some good food with them (it seemed that was one of their main "to do" items as they traveled to different cities across the country). So we got some food from foodtrucks, some authentic food in Miami, and coffee from Starbucks. Okay so the coffee wasn't anything overly special or unique haha. We even saw a Showtime show that is coming on next year being filmed while we were in Miami Beach. Photos to follow!

However, the coffee below IS special - Jonathan and his brother picked it up in New Orleans and gave it to us as a thank you. It is called Cafe Du Monde and is from an "Original French Market Coffee Stand" apparently. It's pretty tasty. I think it came in the COOLEST can - it is almost the exact same colors as all of the road signs in upstate NY (I know random, but I love the Adirondacks and went there almost every year growing up so I remember the signs well...what can I say, I'm observant).

They also made us some delicious pie, but I didn't take pictures of it. It was thoroughly enjoyed though. I'll post some photos from the Food Truck night in Hollywood, FL - which was pretty awesome.

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