Highlight Photos from Last Weekend - Fort Pierce, FL

Weeks seem to be flying by right now for some reason! Been busy with photography, my part-time work, and some other things as well. But another weekend is just about here! Crazy. Here are some of my favorite photos I took last weekend while Christina and I were up on Hutchinson Island in Fort Pierce, FL. I woke up with the sunrise...and because of the sunrise. But I got some beautiful shots and there were quite a few people walking as the sun rose!

My model (wife) showing her beautiful new haircut!

 This is my best butterfly shot so far - not so great, I know!
I'm working on it. They seem to be so evasive!

Took some beautiful shots of the ocean!

Have a great weekend! I'm sorry that most of you can't go to the beach to celebrate the coming of October and fall...but be grateful that you can drink hot pumpkin spice lattes and hot apple cider and not sweat profusely because it's still in the 80's. I know...it's still not the same!

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend - and a wonderful long weekend for some!

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  1. I really LOVE the ocean shots. How did I not know you were into photography in all the time you were in and out of our house in McLean your FLP year??? You have been blessed to "see" the beauty in things and then the ability to capture it with a camera. :) Keep up the good work!

    Sandy K

  2. Thanks so much Sandy! I'm not sure how that sneaked by, maybe it would have been easier to spot if I snapped pictures of your family when I was over? Haha only kidding - I have had a lot more time lately, but the passion has been around for a while. Miss seeing you guys and hope you are well!